Meridian Grocery

Meridian Grocery located at 101 South Meridian is my new favorite place to go.  Basically they buy and sell “damaged” goods from the store.  For example, maybe a box of cereal has been dented and doesn’t look nice, they get those things and resell them.  They also sell items that have expired.  Personally expired foods like granola bars, etc. don’t bother me.  Here are some items from my last trip:


$1.79 for these bars that are double that or more at the grocery store.  I believe they had expired.


This is the yummy chai I buy for the winter $.59.  They also have a large selection of salad dressings, boxed mixes, popcorn, canned foods, everything that you can think of from the store….it is just hit and miss based on what the truck brings in that week.  They also have frozen foods.  Some of them are damaged/expired, others are new items that they sell like frozen fruits, ready to heat bierocks, or plate-sized cinnamon rolls.IMG_1340

They also have a natural foods section where you can buy bulk items.  Lots of things to choose from.

IMG_1341This is a great store to stop into…you never know what they’ll have.  It is always a surprise!

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