Christmas Gift Idea #2-Jacob Bromwell

I love products made in the USA for gifts and I found Jacob Bromwell a while ago while I was looking for something for my kitchen.

Here is some information about the company:

Back in 1819, Jacob Bromwell had an idea: create the highest quality cooking, baking, and campfire products that American families could count on to last generations. So he traveled from his home in Baltimore, Maryland, to set up shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. His factory manufactured everything from flour sifters, cheese graters, and frying pans, to buckets and popcorn poppers. Today, this all-American company is nationally recognized as America’s Oldest Cookware™. All Jacob Bromwell products continue to be handcrafted in the USA and are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Some items that I love are these:


These tin cups have been made since 1819 in the US!  They still use the same original equipment to made them.  I love this as a gift for a camper or little ones in my family.




This cutting board would be wonderful for the cooks in your life.  It is made with American Maple, in the USA of course!


I love this popcorn popper!  It reminds me of being at my grandpa’s house when I was little and making popcorn over his fireplace.

Jacob Bromwell has lots of great items!  You can check them out here!

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