Office Redo…As Promised

I didn’t take any before pictures…just imagine lots of brown, with an odd mismatch of gold and wood photo frames.  I went about the opposite direction of that by choosing both a bright blue and “Creamy Corn” color for the walls.  However, I knew I should stick with my gut on the color.  I love all white walls, so I ended up painting over the “Creamy Corn” with a wonderful white color.  White can be and is wonderful!  Here are some final shots.

The window on the wall, clock, and lamp came from a local antique store.  The big yellow can came from a friend and the black tray came from my basement.  The chairs and pillows from Pier 1.  Ignore the ugly cords on the floor…I worked on that! 🙂

I talked about the sign in an earlier post, and the large white cabinet as well.  The green pottery on top of the cabinet came from an antique store, the “No Auction Parking” sign was $3 at a garage sale and the other items were from here or there.  I really like the new look and the additional seating!  So nice to have more room for more people!


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