Things for my Office

Mom and I went on another trip to the Stop and Shop…see my old post here.

I am always on the lookout for good junk….we found a great spot for some!  It is an old auction house that filled with things that haven’t been sold at auction yet.  The place was closed up, but mom and I did some window peeking and then the owner spotted us.  He came and opened up the building for us to look around.

I am always on the lookout for unique pieces and I especially like old signs.  This place was a goldmine for those!  Here are some of the things I got.

See the “Matyas Hardware” sign?  It is from an old hardware store in Barnard, KS.  The store is no longer open, but I think this has a lot of great history to it.  My dad liked it so I gave it to him.

This awesome sign is a bluish/purple color.  It is a sign off of an old elevator and it is the type of scales that they used to weigh the grain trucks.  I love this and put it up in my newly redone office.

I also got this great sign up I haven’t found a place for it yet.  It is an old railroad sign, and I love it!  I will show some pics of how I used the other sign in my office redo soon!


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