Millions of Peaches

I went to an orchard to pick peaches.  They have an amazing variety of peach trees and the rules there are: 1) you must try them all 2) eat as many as you want as you pick.

The orchard also has apple trees that I am looking forward to picking from again this fall.

We had a great time picking, and I came home with….

…42 pounds of peaches to can!


3 thoughts on “Millions of Peaches

  1. Which orchard was this? The last time I went to pick peaches they didn’t even allow us in the orchards. We got there and were told that the only picking we would be allowed to do was to pick {read: select} a basket of peaches from their store.

    • April-thanks for your comment….the place is Entz Orchard at 8604 S Webb Road, Newton, KS. You can call them for more info at 316-799-2515 for hours….apple season is coming up soon as well! 🙂 Hope to see you at the orchard!

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