Cooking Club

Cooking club met at my house this last month.

I love hosting, but it is always so hard for me to pick what we make.  The other girls in the group always come up with amazing menus so I always try to get some great unique things.  However, this last month, I came up short.  So, I just had us make everything off of the cover of my Healthy Cooking magazine.  Good idea huh!? Yes!!! Except it required grilling, on my charcoal grill, on which I tend to struggle getting the coals right.  (AKA it did take about 30 minutes to cook a few pieces of chicken.)

This is the Mint Watermelon Salad that we made.  Very refreshing and crisp.

This is the Cilantro-Lime Chicken that has a cream cheese spread you put on a bun.  Good stuff!  We also grilled corn and pineapple…and we nixed the dessert.  The Cherry-Almond Streusel Tart sounded delicious, but it was a billion degrees outside and we didn’t feel up to baking.  We had a great time, ate some super food, and I learned not to rush the charcoal!

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