Using Up Ingredients

Isn’t there a show on TV where someone goes into your house and makes something for dinner out of the few ingredients that you have on hand?  If there isn’t someone get out there and do it!

I feel like my mom is the best at this because currently they live about 20 minutes from a grocery store, so there is no such things as a quick trip to the store to pick up an item. I am trying to be better about eating what I have on hand, and I am trying to save some money. So, here is something I made the other night out of what I had on hand…and it was really good!

I took all of the brown rice I had left in a box, mixed in the water and set to cook.  Then I and added some cubes of pesto that I made and froze last summer.  I know this doesn’t look too appetizing, but stick with me.

I put in the frozen vegetables I had left in the freezer, then I added this…a bag of mixed nuts (peanuts, sunflower, etc.) and dried cherries.

Now….I stirred it all together, let it get hot and I had…

…this!  It actually tasted really great!  The pesto mixed with rice, vegetables, and the nuts were a great combo.  Hooray for using up ingredients!


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