Friday Book Review

I have a little different kind of reading for this Friday Book review.  Who else read the Boxcar Children?  I loved those books. Especially the first one where they lived in the boxcar and made…

I love the pictures in this cookbook.  They are so sweet and the recipes would be a lot of fun to use while you were reading the books to kids…

…or when you want to make a delicious Blueberry Pie!


5 thoughts on “Friday Book Review

  1. OH MY GOSH. I want this cookbook. I LOVED the Boxcar Children when I was in middle school. I read that and Sweet Valley High books all the time. This would make me so happy to own – literature mixing in the kitchen. YUM!

    • I am so excited you loved boxcar children too! This cookbook will take you back to those days! I always thought the food in the books sounded so delicious and I was so impressed with their cooking skills!

      • I know right! I really can’t cook at all and so I’m collecting cookbooks as I’m moving into my first house (bachelorette pad, yeah!!!). This one is one that I definitely want to find. : ) Thanks for pointing it out to me.

      • Awesome! It is so fun to have that first place isn’t it!? I took a look through your book list on your blog and I am looking forward to adding some of those to my list too!

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