Cottonwood Falls, KS

Recently I took a trip to Cottonwood Falls, KS.  Isn’t that a nice name for a town?  It makes me feel like I could find a hammock and stay outside under a Cottonwood tree all day.

At the end of this beautiful main street is this courthouse….

…this is the Chase County Courthouse.  This is the oldest operating courthouse in Kansas.  It has been restored inside and out and is beautiful!

Something else you should visit while in town is the Emma Chase Cafe.

Every Friday night they have live music along with a fried catfish dinner.  (Other options are available as well.)  People bring lawn chairs and sit out in the street for a night of live music with friends and neighbors.

Another great place to stop is at Jim Bell and Son Western Clothing Store.

They sell not only clothing, but also gifts, jewelry and more!

One final thing I loved about the town was this…Croy’s Inc.  You can find pretty much anything in here.  As their sign says they have: “furniture, carpet, guns, ammo, fish bait, paint, keys and antiques!”

To plan your trip to Cottonwood Falls, look here for more information.


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