What to do with CSA produce.

I picked up items from my CSA on Friday.  We go to a house and all line up with bags we bring from home to get our produce.

Here is a look at what I brought home. Leeks, beets, Asian lettuce, more lettuce, and zucchini.  Because I am sharing with a friend, I first divided everything up.

Then I…

…put everything into a sink of cold water and let it soak about 15 minutes.  This helps get the dirt off as well as the little bugs that come from the farm.

Then I use my salad spinner to get all of the extra water and grit off.

Then I fix one bowl of salad green and one that has kale and the other greens I will cook later.

If you have any ideas for how you prep your fresh veggies…please let me know!



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