Tips for Selling More at Your Garage Sale

This is a follow up to the post on getting more traffic to your garage sale.  Once you get them there you want to sell things, so here are some ideas that we used that seemed to work well.

1) Group items into outfits.  Top, bottom, shoes, and jewelry together.  Let people see how the clothes could work together.

2) If you have items that would work together in a “room” setting put things out that way.  We hung quilts over chairs that got snapped up within minutes of putting them up.  This also allowed us to showcase the dishes, vases, and more that we had.

3) Hang up cute baby outfits on a line.  People liked seeing things this way.  It also helped us because if we asked people what size they were shopping for we could suggest items that we knew were really cute that were on the line.

4) Provide shopping bags.  We passed out grocery sacks so people could fill them up as they shopped.  There is a reason that stores give you this same option!

5) Clearly mark all prices! But also let people know if you are willing to have them make an offer on items.

6) Have cute helpers!  Everyone loves them!


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