Friday Book Review

It’s been a long time since I posted a book review.  So, enter Cannery Row.


I picked this book up while spending a weekend out of town at a friend’s house.  Note to friends, I do look at your stuff, and I may borrow something (I will ask first!)

The book tells the story of some people who live on “Cannery Row”.  The characters in the story are very drawn to a man called “Doc”, who occasionally provides them work collecting animals and other things for him to sell.

A large part of the book tells about a group of guys who want to throw a party for Doc and how they blunder the party a couple of times.

I feel like there is probably a deep meaning to this book Steinbeck wanted to convey that I didn’t understand, and I frankly didn’t take the time to read up on.

I am trying to go back and read old classic books again…John Steinbeck is an author with books on my list.  However, if you have limited time, I may suggest choosing something else he wrote.


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