Getting traffic to your garage sale.

This last weekend my sisters and I decided to have a garage sale to raise a little moola.  They wanted to get rid of some things, and I had a couple of carloads of things I brought down that friends gave me.

To be honest, our younger sister is the one that really had the sweet items that people would like to purchase…

…an electric guitar….

…awesome shoes, and a cute dress jacket with a gold belt, and lots more.

My sister and I added lots of baby clothes…

(those are fur boots!) (Fake fur!)

dishes (via my mom) and more.

Some things we found that worked well to promote the sale were…

1) Make an event on Facebook and invite everyone that you can think of to join.

2) Post pictures of your items on your event often and throughout the week prior to the event.

3) Share the event on people’s walls.  Often people don’t look at their events, so if you put it on their wall they will see it!

4) Find another person who is doing a sale and coordinate weekends.  People are more likely to come from a distance if there is more than one to go to.

5) Coordinate your weekend with an event that will be happening in your community.  For example, we had ours on the same night as an alumni dinner and during Memorial Day weekend.

6) Be visible.  Put up signs a couple of days before the event so that people who drive by know that there will be a sale to stop at later.

I will post more ideas for garage sales later on!


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