The trouble with moths… that for a while they decided to make a home in my home.  I would open the door to get into my house after work and literally HUNDREDS of them would pour out between the door and the door jam.  They got under the wood shake siding all around my house.  Inside my house I would kill every single one I could find before I went to bed and then the next morning there would be dead ones all over my house!


I got to the point that I was so afraid they would lay eggs in my house that I spent hours bleaching down every nook and cranny in the house.  I also bombed the house several times.  I think the combination of sleep deprivation, smelling bleach & chemical bombing, and my extreme hatred towards the things caused my hysterical break down.  That night I told my small group girls how upset I was about it.  Thankfully, they were there with moral support and extreme compassion towards my disgusting plight.

The next day I did some research.  It turns out that this kind, miller moths are born in the fields of crops that we have in Kansas and they eat off of them until they are able to fly to Colorado.  I learned that they would move on for a while, but I just had to be patient.

Thank goodness they eventually started moving on just as I thought I was going to lose my sanity.  If you ever have this problem in your house, I feel for you!  These guys are horrible!


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