A Trip to the Prairie

There is a beautiful place near where I live called the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.  There are many wonderful things about it.   

This is the house that is on the property.  You can go inside and tour it.

The woodwork in the house is amazing.  The window in the picture is actually a floor to almost-ceiling one that opens up and you can walk out onto a balcony.  Thankfully, they are getting ready to do some period authentic renovation in the house.  These beauties should be preserved.

Also on the property are a lot of great outbuildings.  Including this barn!  It is huge on the inside.  The entire preserve has great walking trails of different lengths as well as history of the house and the area available multiple ways for visitors.

My favorite part?  The beautiful lawn to spread out my old quilt and spend some time reading and sleeping.

For more information on planning your trip click here.


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