Movie Review

I always like to get movie suggestions from people who have good taste in movies and who like to watch old movies!  I love old movies and am really bummed that by local video store wiped out the classic movie section.  WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!?!?!  So lately I have been getting my videos from the library.  We have a great library in our town and I am so thankful for it.  I use the library and my “Gold Library Card” all of the time.  I am in the exclusive Gold Club everyone.  It is only open to those who meet the strict requirement set forth by the library (AKA pay $20).  I am in!
So, back to the movie review.  A friend recommended this movie to me.  Basically the plot line is that a woman meets a man right after the war is declared over.  The man has been in an asylum because he has lost his memory.  He doesn’t remember who he is or anything about his life.  The woman quickly befriends him, takes care of him, and eventually they get married.  Later however,  he has another relapse of his memory and he remembers his former life, but he doesn’t remember being married to her.  
This movie works because the time period that it is set in.  If it was in the current time period he probably could have easily found out who he was, or his family would have found him.  This movie had an unexpected twist in it, and I really enjoyed it.  I would recommend it to people who like old movies, and persistent women.


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