Stafford County Flour Mills

I am trying to be a lot more intentional about buying local products through my CSA, local farmers, and at my local grocery store.  One way I do this is by purchasing Hudson Cream Flour.  Hudson Cream is made in Hudson, Kansas, population 125.  In 1905 production began in this newly built mill…

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According to their website they “are now one of the last independent flour mills remaining in the U.S. While we’ve made a few improvements over the years, added a couple of flour bins and put in more roll stands, our purpose has stayed the same: produce the best quality flour possible at a fair price.”

Their flour is absolutely wonderful to use and has a delicious taste.  Some of my favorites are:


Bread flour.  I use this in all my bread baking.  Usually for the amount of flour called for in a recipe I will use half bread flour AND half…

Whole-Wheat Flour.  This tastes amazing in pizza crust, rolls, bagels, and I also use half whole wheat flour in my quick breads as well.  If you are looking for a place to purchase Husdon Cream Flour click on this link to take you to a store finder.  What do you like to buy locally?

The Stafford County Flour Mills

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