Guess Who Is Coming to Town?

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The Pioneer Woman is coming to Wichita tomorrow night!  My sweet friend G and I are going to go and hear hear speak, and also hopefully get a book or two signed by her!  They are letting the first 500 people through the door that have tickets and then others who have tickets numbered over 500 will be let into extra seats.  In other words, if you would like her to autograph a book it could be the end of the decade or so by the time you get up to the front! 

If you are around Wichita and would like more information check out the link here!  I hope to have a picture with her to post very soon!


One thought on “Guess Who Is Coming to Town?

  1. Kalyn is insanely jealous that she can't go. =)Also, I keep meaning to tell you – you have a twin here in Manhattan. I've seen her a few times, and every time she has a yoga mat with her. Not sure what that means, other than I'm reminded of you when I see her!

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