Estate Sale Finds

I recently went to an Estate Sale while I was back home.  Want to see what I got?

This is a blue and white marbled pot.  Not good for cooking in, but I will find some fun use for it.

An old basket that I believe was used for carrying the glass milk jars.

Three sweet and retro Santa Claus ornaments.  The estate sale was for a man in my hometown who loved Christmas and always went all out on decorating!  I thought that my two sisters may like to have one to remember him by.

This “No Auction Parking” sign.  I thought it was fun and that I would find somewhere to put it!

Blue Pot=$2
Milk Carrier=$1
A yearbook from my uncles class, and an old “The Rest of the Story” book (not shown) =$0

I got some great finds and had a great time with my dad and J looking at things!


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