Friday Book Review

At one point in my life I helped judge a couple of pagents.  So, when I saw this book, “The Rhinestone Sisterhood-A Journey Through Small-Town America, One Tiara at a Time” by David Valdes Greenwood, I was interested to read about other pagents across America. 
The funny part about this book is that I know someone who was “Miss Mardi Gras” so when I shared parts of this book with her, she laughed out loud with the descriptions of some of the pagents because of her own experiences. 
I felt like Greenwood was pretty honest in this book about the girls and the pagents that they were competing in.  I am working on being honest about things too (that I don’t necessarily love) and I didn’t love this book.  It was interesting and at times humerous, but not one of those books that I love and would recommend everyone read.  If you are interested in pagents, small-towns, and girl drama, this may be a good fit for you.  If not, don’t feel bad passing it up.  I won’t mark you down on the “scorecard” because of it!

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