Home Improvement

This weekend I worked on getting my porch furniture and decorations out!  I love this time of year and had a great time working on it!  I have been noticing that people are making their porch look more like an indoor room, with rugs…

Photo: bhg.com
Photo: bhg.com

…outdoor hangings, and even lamps.

I decided to do a little bit of change up to my front porch as well.

Here is phase one.  I spray painted my chair and stool black again.  I got these at a junk shop in a town nearby.  I had to dig through a back room full of stuff and found the chair right next to a mounted deer head.  I screamed because it scared me half to death!

Note the mirror…

…it used to be gold…but I spray painted that too.  I love spray paint!  It covers everything!  So, phase one is done. 

I think phase two should include a huge Boston Fern, maybe an outdoor rug, and what else?  Let me know what you think!


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