The Fiat Farm

In case you have been thinking about it… local farmer and his family….


…still have open spots in their CSA group!  For more information on CSAs check out my post here.

If you are looking for organic, locally grown vegetables, and a personal relationship with a farmer and his family instead of the grocery store, joining a CSA could be a great choice for you! 

From their blog: “Full Share Cost: $500 + Tax ; Half Share Cost: $350 + Tax
(A full share is enough veggies to feed a family of 4-5 for one week, and a half share is enough to feed a family of 2-3 for one week.)”  Their contact info is listed on The Fiat Farm blog as well as more information about the CSA and pictures of the garden!  If you do decide to purchase a share, please let them know that I sent you their way, and I will save $10 off of my share.

I am looking forward to sharing recipes for all of the great meals I get this summer from the veggies!


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