Community Supported Agriculture

Have you heard of CSAs?  CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”.  Here is a great descriptor about it from my CSA person at the “Fiat Farm”!  Check out their link here: The Fiat Farm

An Explanation of Community Supported Agriculture
Some of you may be wondering what a CSA is. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The term is used for any subscription service by a farmer to provide various farm related goods directly to the consumer. Sometimes this is referred to as a subscription service.There are many benefits for both farmer and consumer in this relationship. The consumer can be assured that the food they receive is raised in a healthy manner, is grown locally, and is free of many harmful chemicals. The consumer can also build a real relationship with a real farmer rather than supporting the food company giants. The farmer receives a fair price for his work and is able to get funds early in the season to continue his farming. He can also concentrate on producing high quality food rather than focusing on marketing, with the assurance that he has a waiting market for his goods.
Prior to the growing the season the farmer advertises his CSA to people who might be interested. These people are given the opportunity to buy a share of something (produce, eggs, meat, bread, etc.) for the season directly from the farmer that will be dropped off each week at a meeting point convenient to the consumer. The people can purchase a share that will provide them with all the produce or like goods that they need over a set period of weeks. For produce this typically ranges from the beginning to end of the growing season (20-25 weeks here in KS).

This year I bought a share of the Fiat Farm with a friend.  I am so excited for the great things I am going to have to cook with and eat this summer.  If you are looking for a CSA to buy into in your area here is a good place to look: Local Harvest.


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